My Name Is Not Betty

Colored Pencil, Digitally Manipulated - 8 x 10 print $20

Betty is one of my friend Tracy’s hens who was named Ugly Betty when she was a pullet… Tracy’s husband felt that was mean, so she became just Betty. However, this is not Betty.  After our photo session, the only name I could remember was Betty (note to self, write down names of subjects).  So, meet Not Betty.  Not Betty is actually quite pretty, as chickens go.  

The longer you look at a chicken, the more you suspect that God forgot to throw the mold away after he finished making reptiles and managed to put feathers in it by mistake instead of scales, but only realized this  after he took it out of the Cosmic Oven.  If I had drawn Not Betty’s feet, you’d see what I mean.

What I like about this piece is the three primary colors that happened just because of the coat Tracy was wearing.   And the look in Not Betty’s eye that makes you think that chickens don’t really like to be held… or compared to lizards.