Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

Hey! I was here first!

sketch of two geese

White Irish Geese - prints $20

 The original photo for this sketch popped up in one of those Facebook “here’s a random photo from someone else’s album” spots the other day.  I think Aaron or Ali took it when Corey was visiting Ireland a couple of years ago – photo credit goes to them!  It’s an amazing composition, I didn’t really do it justice, but this is a “Daily” after all, and the point of Dailies is to simply get ‘er done!

Seeing Double – PushMePullYou?

Two Llamas

Photoshop Version, Original Sketch - $20 print

The wool of a llama, I have discovered, is actually a little more difficult to portray than bird feathers or otter whiskers!  But Photoshop can do some good things to eliminate the fussy details and get right to the critical shapes and shadows, which is a good way to teach myself what to look for.