Miracle Cats Make Teensy Snowman

World's Smallest Snowman

After a rare February snowfall, our cats Sparky and Baby overcame both gravity and their customary feline lethargy and ventured outside to make the above-pictured record-breakingly-teensy snowman.   The Winnie-the-Pooh saltshaker has been added to the Pansy Pot for size reference.  The eyes are peppercorns – duh – the mouth is a single fir needle, and the buttons (not pictured) were kitty kibbles but someone seems to have eaten them.  We ask that members of the press park their TV production trailers in the highschool parking lot nearby to avoid inconveniencing the neighbors.

The only human intervention required for this record-breaking feat was to get the spice drawer open and the lid off the dumb peppercorn container – Sparky hates lids like that.  No cats, snowflakes or saltshakers were harmed in this still-life production.  Well, maybe the snowflakes got scrunched a little.