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Sketch of the Day – 4 in a row!

"Free Salsa Lessons! No, Seriously..." - Colored Pencil - Prints $20

 Evening Grosbeak… I’ve never seen one in person, but doesn’t this one look like he’s asking you to dance?  And hot though he may be, we’ve caught him on a Snow Day, because it’s snowing in Corvallis today…

From what I read, he represents a dwindling species, possibly because… well, the usual suspects.  Most notably, the decline of spruce budworm… budworms are bad for timber… q.e.d.   Sigh.

Original photo credits Birders World magazine

Miracle Cats Make Teensy Snowman

World's Smallest Snowman

After a rare February snowfall, our cats Sparky and Baby overcame both gravity and their customary feline lethargy and ventured outside to make the above-pictured record-breakingly-teensy snowman.   The Winnie-the-Pooh saltshaker has been added to the Pansy Pot for size reference.  The eyes are peppercorns – duh – the mouth is a single fir needle, and the buttons (not pictured) were kitty kibbles but someone seems to have eaten them.  We ask that members of the press park their TV production trailers in the highschool parking lot nearby to avoid inconveniencing the neighbors.

The only human intervention required for this record-breaking feat was to get the spice drawer open and the lid off the dumb peppercorn container – Sparky hates lids like that.  No cats, snowflakes or saltshakers were harmed in this still-life production.  Well, maybe the snowflakes got scrunched a little.

It’s Working!

Male Cardinal sketch

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 Discipline.  No other deadline.  Bad weather.  A bird-watcher’s magazine.  Those seem to be the ingredients required for me to create one new sketch a day.

And I’m loving it!  I’ve never been brave enough before to attempt portraying my favorite Southern bird…  When I first moved to Atlanta, a flash of red outside the window sent me screeching to find my husband in excitement.  He thought something terrible had happened and came running.  “It’s a red bird,” he mumbled, clearly wondering if importing a woman from Oregon was perhaps not the best idea he’s ever had…  His brother had a similar experience with his Oregon wife when she moved South, which made me feel far less of a hysterical nitwit, but I still gasp at the sight of red feathers when I’m visiting down South.  This particular cardinal reminds me of the fellow who repeatedly atacked his reflection in Larsen’s kitchen window in Knoxville.

Original photo credits Birders World magazine

Daily Sketch 2/20/2011

Scrub Jay

"Scrub Jay" - Colored Pencil - Prints $20

 Feels like I’m on a roll – thanks to the President’s Day long weekend, I’ve managed to do three sketches in three days… the first one wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but the last few have been satisfying!  This is a Florida Scrub Jay, not quite like the ones we have in Oregon.  Those floaty little feathers are difficult to capture, but I’m learning.

I’m finding that the art itself is the easy part, because that’s always exciting once I sit down and get started.  It’s the business end of art that’s difficult, like scanning and posting that’s hard to keep up with.  That piece feels a lot like sweeping the kitchen floor… you finish, and two seconds later there are kitty kibbles and ants all over, and you have to do it all again.  Or not.

Original photo credits Birders World magazine

Sketch of the Day 2/19/2011


"I've Got a Secret" - colored pencil Prints $20

I’ve challenged myself to make a sketch a day… we’ll see how long that lasts, but it certainly can’t hurt!  Getting lost in the process, deciding what to put in, what to suggest, what to leave off, is a fascinating exercise while contemplating the perfection of a natural form.  And it’s not bad for blood pressure, either.

Original photo credits Birders World magazine