MoonKiss: textile on painted canvas NFS

Trying to get color to translate from the original to the camera to the web is an inexact science, at least for me it is at this time of night!  The moons are truly yellow, the sky is magenta, the mountains are night purple.

This was my response to Mariana Mace’s Purple call, a weaving that featured a clay bead with the round face of woman.  I immediately saw a moon, and suddenly as I sketched, there were two moons, kissing.  Could be mother and baby, could be wife and husband, but it is a very sweet kiss!  The background features a woven representation of the outlines of our western horizon here in Corvallis, notably Mary’s Peak.

Provenance -what an elegant word! –

  • Exhibited at Giustina Gallery, LaSells Center, OSU for Call & Response, “The Conversation Continues” show, November, 2010.
  • …and perhaps, next stop Germany?  If Ursula and Markus are not too taken aback by the purpleness, it will be theirs.  If it’s just too intense, then perhaps there will soon be another MoonKiss!