Blast from the Past

sketch of Mt. Hood

Oregon 1983 - prints available $20

The word of the day is EKPHRASIS, “art generated in response to other art.”  Thanks for that, Liz!

We are finally completely out of the “old house”, and one of the last pieces to come out was this little blast from the past.  In 1983 I created this as an ink sketch.  Technology being what it was, I copied the sketch at the local equivalent of Kinko’s in Portland, then hand-watercolored copies for everyone for Christmas that year.  I did one for Griff, and as luck would have it I married him, and now I have this one back, as far as I know it’s my only surviving copy.  Now with new technology at my fingertips, I think I will take it to the next level… not sure what that is yet, but Ekphrasis, here I come!