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"Basil", mixed media by Kerry McFall

It’s now or never in Willamette Valley gardens – either plant it, or resign yourself to eating the neighbor’s zucchini all summer without benefit of spicy/sweet basil.  It’s still down to 37 or 39 at night, and the sun shines only on Sundays whether it needs to or not… but the weather guessers keep promising us that someday, we’ll get some summer.  So with the surging optimism brought on by two clear dawns in a row, the basil and tomatoes are going in the ground today!  Plus a whole box full of “assorted shade perrennials” which I had forgotten I ordered from the cub scouts several weeks ago… and the fuchsia I couldn’t resist at Schmidt’s on Saturday…

Forget Me Nots

"Forget Me Nots", mixed media by Kerry McFall

The smaller the flower, the more detail seems to be called for.  These are such simple blossoms that they lend themselves well to abstracting and incorporating into patterns.  The only real challenge here was that I haven’t quite managed the shape of this tiny clear glass vase (but I just read an article about how to better deal with symmetry in such attempts), and I didn’t have the exact shade of blue pencil I wanted… the perfect excuse for a trip to the art store.

Forget Me Nots do a little trick called “self seeding”, which means there are waves of blue all over the yard and garden until the foliage begins to get grungy, then I yank them all up.  The miracle is that next year, there will be even more!